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At Green Earth Books, we carry thousands of quality used books, so that you can purchase cheap books at discounted prices without having to buy new. Green Earth Books believes that every sale of a used book is one less new book that has to be made – helping customers by selling books with low prices and helping our environment by saving trees and paper necessary for the production of new books.
Green Earth Books receives and inspects thousands of used books daily to find the best used books for you. The quality books we receive will be sold online to customers or donated to one of Green Earth Books’ charitable literacy partners and the books that do not meet our quality standards will be sent directly to recycling plants. You will find our books through many re-sellers including our preferred market place There you will see all of the cheap used books Green Earth Books offers. Also, to encourage people to buy used books, Green Earth Books offers FREE SHIPPING on orders to the United States, as well as discounts on orders shipped to Europe and Canada.
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